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Save your cost by minimizing iron tip consumption!

01.11.2019 | Electronics

With the Anti-Iron Tip Erosion Solder developed by Nihon-Almit Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), users can minimize its tip consumption by an average of 30%.

The main cause of iron tip erosion when using lead-free solder are longer soldering time and higher melting point. The combination of Almit High Performance Flux and Special Alloy improves wettability at lower temperature and shortens soldering time.

Almit, founded in 1956 in Japan, offers a wide variety of wire, paste, bar and flux to give a specific solution not only limited to improving total cost, such as solder for laser, Low-melting point solder, Anti-Drip Solder for Pin-In-Paste process, Reducing Voids and so on.

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