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New Almit Solder Wire and Paste product released at APEX 2019

02.13.2019 | Electronics

from Nihon Almit

The New No‐Halogen Solder Paste for High Aspect Ratio Printing

With the miniaturization of electronic components, such as 0201, stable printing can be a headache for manufacturers especially who cannot change their stencil thickness (ex. 150µm). Nihon-Almit has tackled this problem and developed New No Halogen MR-NH, that can enable stable printing of 0.45 aspect ratio with Type 4 Paste. Product will officially be released in March 2019.

The New No‐Halogen Flux Cored Solder Wire with Good Wetting Properties

Generally, there is always the dilemma to have good wetting with High Reliability flux due to Halogen content being the activator to remove oxidation. The new L0 wire, SRS-ZL has dramatically improved its wetting properties to stabilize soldering process and can be used for any soldering process, point/drag, contact and non-contact processes. With the Almit Anti-Tip erosion solder alloy and SRS-ZL flux, the combination can minimize cycle time dramatically.

If you missed either at APEX Expo, act now to catch up: contact your ANA Trading representative for further details or to arrange a demonstration.

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