Our Food operations focus on quality control and price, frequently visiting suppliers, re-pack makers and distributors.

Tanabe Farm


Environmentally Responsible Banana Harvesting: GLOBALG.A.P. and Rainforest Alliance Certified

Japanese immigrant Mr. Masahiro Tanabe utilizes unique growing techniques to cultivate bananas in Ecuador. Using ozone treated water along with natural fertilizers culled from earthworm humus, banana waste, palmito waste and liquid composts made from milk, honey, and calcium, Mr. Tanabe creates the best tasting bananas for Japanese consumers.

Oct. 1988: Mr Tanabe takes over abaca and palm plantation from his father.

Oct. 1991: Started banana plantation with Japanese business partner.

May 2005: Began banana shipments to Japan with ANA Trading Co., Ltd. and Japan Fresh Foods (now ANA Foods), receiving excellent reviews from customers.

Tanabe Farms are expanding banana plantation in Concordia district (350 ha.) in Ecuador and continuing to grow and deliver the highest quality bananas to Japanese consumers.

Grower Direct Nut

Regarding walnuts, we're the exclusive agent of Grower Direct Nut (Hughson, California) in Japan. Grower Direct Nut owns shelling and processing facility and it also utilizes hullers and drying facility.

Our relationship with Grower Direct Nut began in 2005, shipping Walnuts to the Japanese market. In 2009, an Exclusive Distributorship Agreement was signed by ANA Trading Co., Ltd. and Grower Direct Nut.


Proud Partner of Mariani Packing

Mariani Packing was founded in 1906, selling high quality dried fruit worldwide.

In 1989, an Exclusive Solo Distributor Agreement was signed by ANA Trading Co., Ltd. and Mariani Packing.

Currently, we export prunes, raisins, cranberries, and dried mangoes from Mexico to Japan.

In 2014, Mariani and ANA agreed on leasing the property owned by Mariani. The 300 acres in Vacaville, California were planted with both prunes and walnuts. Harvesting began in 2018.

The superior prune/walnut products are both traceable and make great raw materials.