Aircraft Parts

We offer high quality surplus parts mainly from parts-out of ex-ANA aircraft and ANA's current inventory. We continuously parts-out Airbus A320, Boeing 767, and recently started Boeing 777 and 737NG.

Our Material Support team consists of Critical Control and Surplus Purchasing. Together, we provide services for ANA and our partner airlines' operations and maintenance. Our extensive knowledge in aircraft part procurement, superior support, and cost reduction strategy are the result of ANA's long history.

Premium Quality, Airline-Minded Service & Cost Effective Solutions

With our 45+ years experience, we provide airline-minded solutions with the highest quality, on time delivery, and cost effeciency in the industry. We maintain a vast inventory of the most in-demand parts. Our diverse, global team of highly trained professionals will provide you with the best service, from customer centers in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Tokyo, Singapore, and Paris.

We have been ASA100 accredited since 2005, and have been an ASA member since 2002.




The Critical Control team expedites ANA's purchase and repair orders, delivering parts whenever and wherever they're needed. To better support ANA and our partner airlines, we are solution oriented and provide multiple options of alternative parts, exchange or loan units.

To meet ANA's urgent procurement needs, our team has expertise in searching the global market to find the highest quality parts at the lowest price. We are the proud 2005 recipient of ASA 100 accreditation by the Aviation Suppliers Association, recognized by the FAA as the leading quality system for aviation distributors.