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NEW Almit Standard Solder Wire for ALL Soldering Processes

12.03.2021 | Electronics

Brand New Concept, "Almit Dual Activation Solder Wire"

Introducing the newly designed “DB1-RMA” for better and stable wetting for any type of soldering processes, point to point, drag, and contact or non-contact for soldering through holes, solid pads, and get good wetting performance even with post reflow oxidized pads.

With a conventional solder wire, you will have a single type of activator. In this case, you may have initial wetting problems as the removal of oxidation may take some time.

By having a quick and slow acting activator combined in the solder, the “Dual Boost” effect, you can achieve good initial wetting to minimize insufficient wetting, bridging and other solder defects.


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