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[Free Webinar] Iron Tip Wear – Cause & Countermeasures

08.26.2021 | Electronics


Free for Everyone!

Hosted by SMTA Queretaro Chapter


Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 @11:00am (US Central)


Presenter: David Gates, ANA TRADING CORP., U.S.A.

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With the increasing demand to automate manufacturing processes, understanding and controlling each variable is crucial to achieve good repeatability. This webinar is intended to help you understand iron tip wear in the iron tip soldering process, learning the cause, what effects the wear and what type of countermeasures can be made to be able to better control the production environment.

About the Presenter

David Gates is the Regional Sales Manager of ANA TRADING CORP., U.S.A. for Nihon Almit Co., Ltd. solder products serving clients from North America and Central America in the automotive, medical, telecommunication, aerospace, industrial and consumer product industries.  David has a broad knowledge of market trends and deep understanding of technology challenges.


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