As a part of our social contribution activities in 2023, we have been completed the followings.

Social Contribution Activities in 2023

1) "Food Drive"

This winter, with the help of our employees and partner companies, our food drive was a success. After gathering over 1,000 items that included fruit cups, canned, jarred & dried food, we donated them to our local food bank, New Challenge Ministries to be distributed to the locally disadvantaged.

Food Drive Image
Food Drive Image
Food Drive Image

2) "Monetary Donation"

Thanks to our employees’ hard work and effort we were able to donate a percentage of the first half of our fiscal year’s operating income to our local community.

We used the money to donate to the following organizations:

Monetary Donation Image

Plans for Future Activities

We pledge to continue our social contributions every year to support our local community.

Special Thanks to Our Partners