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We provide services for ANA’s airline operation and maintenance plans. We have extensive knowledge and experience in procurement of aircraft parts, owing to its operation since the beginnings of the company. In addition, we offer services such as airline support, cost reduction and information gathering.

365 days a year, an array of sources are tapped in meeting ANA’s urgent procurement needs. In addition, our strategic purchasing sources, including the surplus market, makes possible the procurement of high quality parts at the lowest price possible, contributing greatly to airline cost efficiencies.

We are proud to have received ASA 100 accreditation in 2005 by the Aviation Suppliers Association, recognized by the FAA as the leading quality system for aviation distributors. We strive to gain recognition in all markets for both quality control of procurement activities and parts sales.

Moving forward, we will leverage our position in the world’s largest aircraft parts market to provide a consistently high level of support for ANA operations, as well as to focus on providing added value to parts sales in promoting ourselves as the leading airline trading company.